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Kos Island

Visit Greece | Kos island takes around 20 minutes with fast ferry. 

Kos is located in the south-eastern Aegean Sea south of Kalymnos and north of Nisyros at the ancient Keramiko gulf (Kerme Körfezi) or Kos gulf, just 3 nautical miles from Asia Minor coast. It is the third largest island in the Dodecanese, its extent 290,29 kilometers and its circumnavigation is around 60 nautical miles. 

From the prehistoric times it was an important channel of the sea ways that started from the Black Sea and along the shoreline of Asia Minor and the islands of Aegean and reached North Africa. Kos is the birthplace of the father of medicine, Hippocrates, which was born on the island around 460 B.C. and founded the Great School of Medicine of Kos. The island is famous for its rich vegetation and its temperate climate and it was characterized by the Roman doctor Gallino as "the most temperate place in the world". The morphology of the ground varies and is the result of long-lasting geological changes particularly owed to the volcanic activity of the commonly known Aegean Arc (Nisyros, Thira, Milos, Methana). According to the latest geological studies seven volcanoes are located between Nisyros and Kos and one of them in the Isthmus of Kefalos is inactive today. 

The big explosion happened 160,000 years ago between Nisyros and Kefalos. As a result it covered half of the island of Kos, in the western part, with a layer of ash and kisiris thickness of about 30 meters. Kos’s ground fertility is a result of its volcanic origin, which had been known since antiquity and has left the proverbial phrase “whom Kos can’t nourish Egypt can’t either”.

. Starting from the villages of Kos, Asfendiou, Ammaniou, Antimahia, Kardamena, Kefalos, Marmari, Mastihari, Pyli and Tingaki, then on how to get there, where to stay, what to see, where to eat and all that you need to make your stay the best ever, with a large photo gallery so that you can get a glimpse of our island’s beauties. The Marina of Kos Island officially opened on the 15th of May 2001. 

Since then high quality services are offered to guests. Located next to Kos Island’s old harbour it’s the heart of the Dodecanese islands and serves as the best sailing & cruising area in Europe! It offers a wide range of benefits such as: Pilot speedboat, WC-showers, Trolleys, Parking Lot, Bilge pump out, Sewerage pump out, Waste oil disposal, Refuse containers, Fuel station. Reception, Authorities, Info centre, Meeting room & Guests' Suites. Weather report, Internet, telephone and facsimile services are offered in the Marina's Info Centre and many more.

Kos has an international airport which means that direct flights are available during the high season. The island is also accessible by fast ferry from Bodrum to Kos island, Turkey with (yeşilmarmarislines), which takes around 20 minutes. The ferry departs in the morning and returns in the evening for those visitors who prefer to make Kos a day trip.

The island has several sandy coasts. The beaches in the north side of the island are more affected by winds. Most of the coasts underwent touristic development and have easy access and various services. Some of the most visited beaches are: Nomikou-Barbagianni sandy beach extending from the city of Kos to the surrounding areas. It is an organized beach with umbrellas and deck-chairs, water sports, restaurants and bars. Zourouni sandy beach is an organized beach with umbrellas and deck-chairs, water sports, bars and loud music. Nautical Club beach with fine sand is awarded with the European Union blue flag. Milos beach with fine sand, which is also awarded with European Union blue flag. There is a coastal bar with loud music and frequent concerts.

Kastri in Kefalos village, Kos island. Source:© GNTO/ KOS MUNICIPALITY

- Lambi beach has small rocks followed afterwards by fine sand. It is a beach that usually has waves.
- Karnagio beach is located in a quiet area, with fine sand and shallow waters.
- Psalidi beach, with rocks, that makes it ideal for spear fishing. There are restaurants and taverns here.
- Aghios Fokas
 beach is located in a quiet area with black sand and steep depth.
- “Esperides” beach with thick sand and peddles located in a quiet area.
- Thermes beach with abrupt depth surrounded by steep rocks. There you can find warm thermal spas. 
- In the north side of the island you will find Tigkaki beach with white sand and shallow waters awarded by the EU with blue flag. It is an organized beach with umbrellas and deck-chairs, water sports, restaurants, taverns and bars. It is ideal for wind surfing.
Marmari beach with fine sand and shallow waters is also awarded with blue flag by the EU. You will find there many coastal taverns.
- “Tam-tam” beach just before Mastichari with fine sand. It is an organized beach with umbrellas, deck-chairs and water sports, ideal for wind surfing.
- Limnionas beach with fine white sand and usually wavy waters. 

In the south side of the island you can swim in:
- Kardamena beach with fine sand and shallow waters. It is an organized beach with umbrellas and deck-chairs, water sports, restaurants and bars.

- In Kefalos location you will find Sunny Beach, Marcos beach and Paradise beach with fine sand. They are all organized beaches with umbrellas and deck-chairs, water sports, restaurants and bars.
- In the same area you will find Camel beach, located in a gulf with rocks and white sand. There are coastal bars.
- Aghios Stefanos beach has very cold waters.
- Kamari beach is covered with sand and rocks. There you can find water sport facilities and taverns.
- Aghios Theologos beach with white sand is ideal for spear fishing.