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About Marmaris

Marmaris is one of the most famous holiday resorts in Turkey. It lies in the Aegean Region in the province of Muğla. The city is also an important port. It is a cosmopolitan town, one of the most anglicized in Turkey.

The first settlement of Marmaris (in the 6th century BC) was called Physkos and it was a part of Carian Empire. It is still being excavated by archaeologists today. The ruins are known as Asartepe. Marmaris has been ruled by the Egyptians, Syrians, Romans, Byzantines and the Ottomans. And all these civilizations left here some traces. Notable are The tomb of Sariana, The Kervensaray, The Tashan and The Aqueduct and the Bedesten. A little away is the ancient city of Efes (the second biggest city of Roman Empire, after Rome) or Pamukkale, that is considered to be the 8th world wonder.

The town of Marmaris is located at the meeting place of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, set against a backdrop of pine clad hills and it combines natural beauty with an amazing taste for life. The old part of Marmaris is a residential area around the castle. There are old houses, all under preservation order and the narrow streets leading to them. This example of Mugla architecture is worthy to explore. The town later began to spread out around the castle hill and along the shore, but the growth of tourism resulted in housing being prohibited along the shoreline and planning permission granted only to tourist hotels.

As far as climate is concerned, winters in Marmaris are mild and summers are extremely hot (up to 42 degrees). The great holiday weather is in spring and autumn. It seldom rains there.

Tourism is the main income of the town. The boom came in 1980s and nowadays, there are around 300,000 – 400,000 people in the city during the tourist season. The night life is legendary with the clubs and bars stretched along the coast. It is also a major centre of sailing; there are two big and several smaller marinas. Marmaris also is South Aegean's prettiest resort for scuba diving. Shopping is a delight here. One can buy nearly everything in the little shops along the downtown bazaar – leather goods of all kinds, natural sponges and the local blue glass beads. Charming boutiques at the end of the promenade offer kilims, carpets, sandals and embroidery as well as original fashions.


Marmaris is a hidden paradise for all cruise liners in Turkey and the Aegean. Thanks to a sheltered natural harbour which provides superb protection from all wind and sea conditions, berthing in Marmaris is pleasant and safe all year round.

Two well-fendered quays of 305m and 134m, each 15m wide with draft up to 11m, are ideal for the berthing of all mega cruise ships.

The exceptionally pleasant climate, turquoise sea, scenic pine-clad mountains, unique architecture of the old town, typical Turkish bazaar, traditional Turkish restaurants, and overall the warm, hospitable people of Marmaris make it a perfect and unforgettable stop in the Mediterranean.

The quay is situated adjacent to a large, modern yacht marina within a few minutes walking distance to the colorful downtown marketplaces (bazaars) and unspoiled beaches.

There are also many opportunities for shore excursions to nearby historic and natural sites, both overland and by traditional, locally-built wooden boats