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Marmaris Cruise Port


Marmaris Port is located in the southwest of Turkey, 50 km from Rhodes Island. The port is located in the east of Marmaris and comes after Netsel Marina. The port is located on Mustafa Münir Elgin Boulevard. (The distance to Dalaman is about 1.5 hours.)

Geographical coordinates of Marmaris Port:

36°50’ 57.0" N, 28°16’ 45.2" E

Where does the Rhodes ferry depart from:

The name of the port where ferries depart from Marmaris to Rhodes is "Marmaris Cruise Port / Marmaris Port Management". (The name used by the people is called "RODOS LİMANI".)

Marmaris Port; It is on the Günnücek National Park road and 100 meters ahead of the Netsel Marina entrance. In addition, it is possible to reach the main entrance gate of the port with the Aksaz and pink colored minibuses going from the city center to the "Liar Bosphorus" side.

Our ticket sales office is inside Marmaris Cruise Port, where the Rhodes ferry departs. You can get information from our blue ticket sales office with the text “MARMARIS FERRY TOURS”. After your check-in process, after getting your Boarding card, you can get on board by having your passport control done.

You must be present at the port at least 1 hour before the departure time of the ferry. When you arrive at the port, all you need to do is to get your boarding card from the "check-in" office and go to passport control. It is not possible to pass through passport control and board the ship without these cards.

PASSENGERS WITH ONLINE TICKETS MUST BE AT THE PORT 1 hour BEFORE THE DEPARTURE FOR TICKET CHECK-IN. Check-in ends half an hour before departure.There is a taxi stand at the port, and it takes 10 minutes by walking between the port and the city center.Marmaris Cruise Port / Marmaris Port Management INC.Sariana Mah, Mustafa Munir Elgin Boulevard 48700 (On Günnücek National Park Road) MARMARIS / Mugla

The name of the port where the ferries depart for Rhodes is MARMARIS CRUISE PORT. 
Marmaris Cruise Port is situated towards Gunnucek national park which is 100 meters further down the Netsel Marina’s entrance. On the other hand, it is possible to get right to the entrance of the port from the town center by taking one of the public transportation minibuses (DOLMUSH) those have pink stripes on them and have a sign that says “YALANCI BOGAZ”. 

Please kindly be advised that you should be at the port at least an hour prior to the departure time of the ferry in order to collect your boarding cards from our check-in desk which is located in the port. Authorities will not allow passengers to go through passport control without having a boarding card.A taxicab station is located in the port for long or short distance drives. Town center can be reached in 15 minutes by walking. 

Contact details of Marmaris Cruise Port:

Marmaris Cruise Port / Marmaris Liman İşletmeleri A.Ş.
Günnücek Milli Park Yolu üzeri

Tel : +90 252 413 0230  
Fax : +90 252 412 23 66 


Marmaris Cruise Port GPS coordinates:

36°50’ 57.0" N, 28°16’ 45.2" E